San Juan Apóstol opened its doors in 2018 when the migrant caravans arrived in Ciudad Juarez. Families, single parents, adults of all ages varying in length of stay. As the needs arose during the migrant tent encampments, they provided day hospitality of warm showers, hot meals and a clean change of clothing. During 2019, the needs changed to provide aid to women in crisis, serving and providing hospitality to single mothers and pregnant women as they wait for asylum in the United States. We need your help to provide a safe and nurturing environment, affirming the dignity of each person in every transition. Your volunteer work changes their lives for the better, and it may also transform you in the process of love, sacrifice, and encounter.

The shelter currently houses 20 women and children while they wait for their asylum cases to be processed, which can take more than a year. Right now, we also work with another shelter in Juarez that receives asylum seekers for quarantine so we can keep their families uninfected. 

We need volunteers both working from home and physically working at the shelter in order to provide support and care for our wonderful community. Your participation is truly invaluable in our work to create a community of life and encounter for the most vulnerable members of our human family. 

You must have a passport and cover your own travel expenses, but food and lodging is provided. Spanish is recommended, but not required.

You can sign up to volunteer for a reoccurring daily commitment, a whole week, a month, or a year. For only daily help, Team Dispensas is in charge of driving food to mothers outside the shelter, either renting a room or in other areas of the city were aid is required . Team Zada is in charge of medical visits, driving women to doctor's appointments and the hospital on due dates.

Long Term Volunteers help facilitate health and education programs, take part in community life, and accompany our pregnant guests and newborns in afterbirth care.  

For volunteering for a week to a year, tasks vary every day, but they include maintaining order in the shelter and reporting to Karina with any issues, following the cleaning schedule, making sure that everyone is consistently accounted for, managing shower times, and receiving new migrants at the shelter.

Reaffirming the dignity of persons is very important in the area of respect for our guests privacy. A willingness to meet your brother in a person to person encounter. We don't allow uploads of  any related content to social media. You must be respectful of the privacy of families and other volunteers. We believe in Parents being the primary and principal care takers of their children; therefore, our accompaniment programs always integrate family working together. We also have a rule against personal gifts. We appreciate your understanding and the communal understanding of privacy and safety for everyone involved in our work.

We also accept doulas, midwives, and other similarly skilled women to work in person at the shelter to help expecting mothers as well as mothers who have recently given birth.

Groups are welcome in limited numbers 

If you feel called to work with Haznos Valer, please fill out the form below with the type of volunteering you are interested in, as well as the weeks you would be available to help and an explanation of why you want to volunteer with us. We are so grateful for your assistance in our mission. Our work can be difficult at times, but it is rewarding beyond measure.

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