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Haznos Valer and El Infante de las Flores have collaborated to create this mural, "Stella Flumen." We aim to address the dehumanization of migrants on the Juárez-El Paso border, especially in treatment at international bridges. This mural will be installed on the Paso del Norte International Bridge, a popular crossing area. 


Stella Maris, Mary as the "star of the sea," traditionally is a sign for migrants and sailors in their journeys. Here, Mary accompanies the most vulnerable, infants, youths, and mothers as they cross on a raft attached to uprooted land. The star compass also is a sign guiding migrants north. The colors of black, red, and blue allude to Border Patrol sirens and the persecution of migrants.

Through this imagery, we hope to encourage those on their journey to a better life, while also evoking empathy from others who can finally see "through the eyes that have cried." Read the whole press release here.

Stella Flumen.JPG
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